This is an effective and short teambuilding activity to use when developing infinity groups or launching new teams.

Team Icebreaker

Who’s Done This?

This activity helps participants to know one another better and provides common ground for similar interests and infinity groups. It also shows skills that might not have been recruited to, but are available to the team. 

Prior to the meeting, make a list of about 25 items relating to work and home life. For example:

  • Has hiked to the top of a mountain
  • Is a mother
  • Has raised an exotic animal, fish or bird
  • Has taken a coaching class
  • Has taken a conflict resolution class
  • Enjoys hiking
  • Has performed process improvement
  • Served in the Armed Forces
  • Has a dog
  • Has a cat
  • Was a boy scout or girl scout
  • Has jumped off a paper pole
  • Knows  how to build a website well enough to explain it to someone else.

Ensure there is plenty of space below each item (3 or 4 lines) and then make enough copies for each person.

Give each person a copy of the list and have them find someone who can sign one of the lines.

Allow about 30 minutes for the activity. Give prizes for the first one completed, most names (you can have more that one name next to an item), last one completed, etc.