I am so glad you joined us.

The concept for this membership site began while hiking in the desert. I noticed how the greenery grew in the dips and valleys where occasional rainfall and springs gathered. These served to funnel life giving water into hallows that support growth.

I gain insights about leadership and team cultures from nature.  So I realized I wanted to create a private place for new learning and growth. I also knew that like-minded people would join us here – both leaders and consultants who hold a similar team culture and collaborative visions.

Today we announced the Grand Opening of this site on Facebook. So, thank you Facebook friends for joining me here.  Please look around and create your profiles. Visit frequently because new information is posted all the time. I will be sending a digest of it every month through our Newsletter.

We also believe in rewarding like-minded people for showing up.  So in this private, members-only community, we will be sharing incentives for our workshops, virtual events and certifications.  And, we want you to be able to share your brilliance, too.  So, I am very interested in sharing what you would like to share with the TIGERS Den Tribe, too.

What’s coming up?

  1. Our research team is putting the final touches on our 2012 Global Survey entitled, “Is Team Building A Waste of Time?” We expect the results from 1800 senior HR and Leadership responses to be a substantial report. We are breaking the results down into organization size to determine trends.  This report will be free to TIGERS Den Members.
  2. Communication Training: We are rolling out a series of video trainings on communications. I don’t know if you have gone through a communication training intensive, but when I leave events like these I tend to be overwhelmed. Also, if you have a smaller company of 20 employees or so, if you send one person out for a full day training, 10% of your workforce is gone.

We wanted to provide something different for leaders whose employees need some guidance and skill development in the area of cooperation and communication.

So each component is 30 minutes of streaming video with handouts followed by 4-weekly 5 minute coaching videos designed for high transference so that the improvements you want to see occur. We will give participants the choice to receive personal coaching during the process, too. We have  TIGERS coaches and facilitators  available to help anyone through a personal hurdle.

These trainings are designed both for leaders and employees.

Again, Welcome. I am so pleased you found this place.



Dianne Crampton, Founder TIGERS Success Series