As US Veterans come home from their tours in the Mid East, finding employement is going to be increasingly important. This article introduces US Veterans to new entrepreneurial programs designed to help them launch their own enterprises.

Whether inherent or nurtured, a shared attribute among U.S. Veterans is an ability to take calculated risks in order to succeed, particularly in combat situations.

Recognizing that the willingness and ability to take calculated risks is a key factor in entrepreneurial success, VetBizGO, a new entrepreneurial development community, offers Veterans a way to use their skills and abilities for more than just a job – an opportunity to build their own future through self-employment and small business ownership.

 “Putting Veterans back to work is a key consideration for our society, especially as Veterans experience higher unemployment at 11.7 percent compared to the overall jobless rate of 9.1 percent,” said Dr. William Osgood, Chairman of the Foundation for Entrepreneurial Research and Development (FERAD), a nonprofit agency devoted to entrepreneurship.

“While there may be many reasons for this disparity, we view Veterans as ideal candidates for self-employment and small business ownership given their specialized training for being innovative, making calculated decisions under pressure and excelling under extreme duress – all attributes common to successful entrepreneurs. We created VetBizGO to help Veterans create their own jobs and their own success.”

VetBizGO is a Virtual Business Accelerator that facilitates connections between Veterans and thousands of government and nonprofit public business assistance programs and entrepreneurial education resources.  A public/private initiative, VetBizGO maintains an interactive directory of over 25,000 self-employment and small business assistance and training programs.

Content is accessible at no cost and cross-indexed by type of service, type of agency, geographical location, key word and alphabetical title, including business mentoring, financing, marketing, import/export and government contracting.

“We know how difficult it is for veterans returning from active duty to become employed in a meaningful way,” said Rick Weidman, Chairman of VET-Force, a coalition of over 200 veteran support organizations representing thousands of veterans. “We see VetBizGO as a critical resource to help Veterans develop, launch, grow and succeed in their own small businesses. Helping Veterans in this way helps them build their own employment security, add value to the local economy, and contribute to the economic growth across America.”