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How To Encourage Creativity In Your Office. Copyright © TIGERS Success Series, Inc.2016. Speaker: Dianne Crampton August 4, 2016

The status quo can be helpful, and it exists for a reason. However, focusing on “what is” isn’t always conducive to creativity and innovation. Creativity is important in the workplace because without it and the subsequent innovation that comes with creativity, employers would not be able to ignite growth. Creativity allows employees to make unique connections between what is and what could be, which is vital for progress. A company may be performing well in the current marketplace, but in an ever-changing environment, companies that fail to progress will ultimately fail and potentially go out of business.

Dianne Crampton shares five strategies for boosting creativity.

  1. Color.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone.
  3. Brainstorm with constraints.
  4. Journaling.
  5. Getting a handle on stress.

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Copyright TIGERS Success Series, Inc. by Dianne Crampton


Team Building Ideas to Build Better Work Relationships. Copyright © TIGERS Success Series, Inc. 2015.  Speaker: Dianne Crampton. August 4, 2015

Dianne shares 4 points that will spark ideas for you on how to improve team relationships.

  1. Communication focuses on negatives, rather than positives.
  2. You dislike your coworkers, and they dislike you.
  3. You blame conflicts on personalities.
  4. Gossip prevails among employees.