When developing training for teams or for breaking  large workshops into discussion groups, this activity is fun and engaging.

All too frequently people sit with their best friends or in affinity groups when they attend training. So to build more engagement between pareticipants, this is a simple and effective activity.

Objective:  To use a creative way of forming small groups.

Procedure:  Have each person draw a card from a regular deck of playing cards. If the group is considerably smaller than 52, selectively remove as many cards as necessary to have as many cards as there are participants. If the number exceeds 52, have additional deck(s) ready.

When you want to subdivide the group into smaller subsets, as for each number cardholder — for example, everyone with a three — to seek each other out and this group will form a team.

Note: Depending on the number of participants desired for each discussion period, use various ways to set them up.  For example, if you want 10 – 12 in a group, you can ask all the Diamonds to meet in one corner, Hearts in another corner, etc.  If you want two very large groups, use red and black. If you want four groups, divide them by sjite. If you want to use groups of about 8, you can ask everyone with a “3” or “6” to come forward, etc. If you need extra people for a special activity, then designate “duces wild” and ask them to come forward. There are countless ways to form groups with this method, and the participants, enoy something different than just “counting off by fives.”

Discussion Questions:  None

Materials Required: Deck(s) of playing cards.

Approximate Time Needed:  Little, if any, additional time is needed

Source:  Unknown

What are some creative ways you have used to divide large groups into sub groups. Please share.