How difficult is it to hire new team members who are perfect for the team? Actually, it is very easy when you have the tools and understand the process.

In this podcast, Klaus Kokott, Partner at the recruitment firm,  Kokott, Wood & Associates, Inc. discusses the process his firm uses to help employee candidates and employers find that perfect team fit.

The podcast is 12 minutes long and offers both tips and insights into an effective hiring process.

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With an exceptional domestic and international retail executive career of nearly 25 years, Klaus provides excellent insight into what employee candidates must display to be successful in their new positions.

Klaus has held positions ranging from accounting to VP of Sales & Marketing at Fortune 50 companies. He has either managed or worked alongside professionals in nearly every work department. He utilizes this functional understanding to ensure employee candidates grasp the importance and interdependencies of their roles.

We figured he knew what he was talking about. He exceeded our expectations.

With business recovery right around the corner, it would sure be nice to save time and money hiring right the first time – and – for long term retention.

We discuss:

Why some companies have continuous turnover in their mid-management to senior management ranks

Effective hiring processes

Why culture is important to the hiring process

The main characteristics a company should look for in a candidate

The use of assessments to hiring for fit

What Klaus will be sharing in the Engagement, Retention and Growth Training Summit

Dowload this podcast now! Interview-with-klaus

More about the Engagement, Retention and Growth Training Summit

This is actually an interesting training summit that offers participants 30 minutes of actionable content from different business growth perspectives per day for 10 business days.

After the event, participants receive recordings of each presenter and an e-book to share with other team members. The company receives a perfect bound book of all the content for the company library.  Save 30% by enrolling before 11/1/12.