When organizations lack worforce civility the result is expensive. This was the message veteran consultant, Tony Lacertosa Founder of Peerless Leadership Development, shared in the attached podcast interview.

How expensive? $300 billion expensive and that figure is not on the decline.

Podcast: Interview-Tony- Lacertosa


Reliable surveys have indicated that 96% of the people in the US have experienced incivility in the workplace, and more than half of them experienced stress as a result causing them to be less productive on the job.  — Tony Lacertosa

In this 13 minute interview, Tony shares:

  1. Why civility in the workplace is such a hot topic right now
  2. What issues arise when incivility is allowed to exist in the workplace
  3. Where his passion for installing civility in the workplace sprung from and his newest venture to anchor civility through his training and team development efforts

Who is Tony Lacertosa?

Tony began his professional career as a science educator and has served as a coaching mentor for colleagues who were struggling with classroom behavior and discipline problems. Recognizing his ability to bring harmony to difficult group situations, Tony was asked to join a team of elite New York educators working with disengaged students in the alternative high school system.  Through effective behavior management strategies students learned how to treat each other, and themselves, with respect resulting in a positive and successful school experience.

When he left teaching, Tony further developed his behavior management strategies for use in the workplace. Founder of Peerless Leadership Development, he is committed to helping organizations and their employees become more successful by developing a cooperative, collaborative and respectful work environment through employee training and executive coaching.

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