From Training Games From The Inside by Jeff Stibbard

I like this game because it promotes creativity on teams and also helps with training retention so we use it at the end of a team development event.  We also use it to kick off the start of the second day of training where we recap what was learned the day before. It also works very well when the training is not very concrete such as in team attitude training. 

Time: 12 minutes minimum to 20 minutes maximum

Preparation: Make a list of your learning take-aways.

What you have to do:

  1. Divide the group into teams of three or four
  2. Tell the teams to create something like a story, song, rap, poem, play or dance that summarizes the key points from the training.
  3. Ask each team to make its presentation.
  4. When each team is done, bring the group back together and thank them for their effort.

What to be mindful of: Groups that simply have no creative idea so give them a few tips.

Focus of the debrief:  Use the presentations as a starting point to talk about what has been learned and what the group’s next steps are.

Sample debrief questions:

  • What do the presentations show you with regard to what you learned today?
  • What do you now know that you need to look for in the future?
  • When you allow your creativity to roam, what different angles does it present on the same information? How do those angles help you?