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One of the most damaging conditions to the health of teams is low trust.

The signs are:

  • sluggish engagement,
  • collaboration doesn’t gel,
  • Being at work feels painful.

We have identified five stages to transform teams from to low to high trust.

Stage one: Assess trust

  • Take an honest look at how team behavior is contributing to trust.
  • Use a researched-based and validated 360 Team Survey to assess the entire group’s level of trust.
  • Don’t isolate individuals.

Stage two: Catalyze Understandings

  • Engage team members in a courageous understanding of behaviors build trust and behaviors that will cause problems and erode trust.
  • Get everyone on the same page with a good baseline understanding in an non-threatening and fun way.

Stage Thee: Address Trust

  • Openly discuss the collective group’s assessment results.
  • Compare survey results with behaviors that build trust.
  • Solicit more feedback about specific behaviors that would rebuild trust.
  • Through consensus facilitation – Select two or three behaviors for the team to work on.

Stage Four: Practice and Assess

  • With discipline, high-trust behaviors become a part of team norms
  • Talk honestly about needs, uncertainty and vulnerabilities.

Stage Five: Anchoring Positive Change

  • Ensure that clarity of goals, roles and responsibilities is standard practice.
  • Integrate team desired behaviors into coaching plans and performance reviews.
  • Telling team stories about successful trust improvements proves how better behavior makes a difference.
  • Connect communication training to trust building outcomes.

Here’s to your trust building success!

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