cardsThe Swap Shop Activity


This team leadership activity is designed to cultivate a number of new ideas.  It can also be used to encourage group participation.


Three sets of flash cards ( 5 x 8-inch index cards), each set numbered from one to ten.


Everyone is told in advance of the meeting to bring at least one idea, exercise, activity, etc., to the next meeting. These should be focused around some central theme such as how to improve quality, cut costs, reward outstanding performance, etc.

As each person describes his or her idea to the group, a panel of “experts” ( three participants chosen by the group ) instantly “rates” the idea by holding up a prepared flash card ( 1 to 10, with 10 being high).  The presenter tabulates each total and announces the winners at the end of the time period.

Discussion Questions

1. How many people gained at least one useful new idea today?

2. Did this process spark any additional ideas in your mind?

3. Can you think of some other areas in which this method can be applied?

4. What are some other variations on this technique for stimulating ideas?