Team development that drives results.  Who would not want that?

Yet, $2,246 is the average amount a company loses per year as a result of disengaged employees.
Engaged employees are 57% more effective and 87% less likely to leave your company, which can result in a large amount of cost savings yearly.

In fact, the typical cost of employee turnover is 48% – 61% of the employee’s annual salary.
Turn on the power with a new employee engagement strategy!

Effective leaders catalyze employees to work productively in teams by facilitating team action plans and agreements that leverage beneficial behavior to drive results.

The 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams 2-day workshop takes a principle-based behavior approach to team development and incorporates action planning methods to accelerate positive business outcomes.

Our research proves that team success is most favorably impacted by six principles that forge ethical, quality-focused, productive and cooperative behavior. These principles forge improved relationships and work connections that reduce conflict to drive successful team project results.

The six principles are trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success (TIGERS®). These principles are measurable in team behavior and predict and prescribe valuable team building interventions and training that will transform a low performing team into an excellent one.

Experience TIGERS’ robust team building resources while we demonstrate the steps and processes required to construct workforce development plans that propel talent retention and business profitability forward.

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Employee Engagement: Power Your Bottom Line