cardsI learned about this game from Fradley Croft Corporate Events Ltd in the UK.

When it is time to do a team evaluation and your team has lost some steam, this is a short team building activity to do after your team is on board with the six principles that build high performance teams — Trust, Interdependence, Genuineness, Empathy, Risk and Success.

This is a fast-paced negotiation game to break the ice and observe how your team reacts under pressure.  See first hand how your team members persuade and communicate to help them become more successful.


A deck of playing cards

Time Limit:

15 minutes


  • Cut each card diagonally twice so that you end up with 4 pieces per card.
  • Determine how many teams you are going to split the group into (teams of 3-4 members each are ideal).
  • Mix up your pieces and divide them into equal piles.
  • Distribute one pile to each team.


Announce that the team has 15 minutes to gain as many completed cards as possible.

The team must sort through their supplies to determine what cards are missing.  Teams may negotiate with the other teams for missing card pieces.  They can exchange pieces.  The goal is to gain as many completed cards as possible.

The team with the most completed cards is the winner.

people-putting-team-into-placeNow share with us your ideas.

1. What teams do you see this most appropriate for?

2. Share the first debrief question you would ask. Let’s build on the comments so we all get smarter.

Please share your insights below.