Is your business on a revenue roller coaster? One month you’re up high, booked with good business and leaders you enjoy working with. Then, not long afterwards, your revenues plummet and you are scrambling for clients.

The most common mistake I see when clients come to me for Steady Income Coaching is lack of good networking strategies. There are 3 big reasons you may not be networking your business as much as you should:

1. Too busy working with your clients

That’s all in the past. Starting now, if you want to be successful, you’re going to need to network.  And that means setting aside time on your calendar to meet with colleagues and collaborators.

If you want small incremental growth, add an hour or two of networking time each week.

If you want bigger results, add more time.  About half a day (4 hours) of networking per week will have a serious impact on your business.

But get ready … If you don’t have enough clients to keep you busyOR you want to increase your business by 50% or more, you should be marketing at least one full day (5 hours) per week.

2. Not sure exactly what you should be doing

You are also going to have to spend that time in a focused, productive way. Spending your networking time pushing your solutions on others or trying to figure out social media will not help. You need results now. Get tested and proven recipes for effective networking in the Steady Income for Team Builders business development course when you click here.

3. What you’ve done before hasn’t worked

As a business owner, you need to keep a careful eye on Return On Investment. And nowhere is this more important than when it comes to your most valuable asset – your time.

If you’ve spent months or – Heaven forbid – years trying to attract enough clients, then it’s time to STOP hunting and START doing what works.

I reveal exactly what works in Steady Income For Team Builders, my step-by-step training for filling your pipeline with a steady stream of perfect clients. Each lesson delivers one business development strategy  from my own private files including techniques that have helped people who have never been in the consulting business before.

Your assignment: Take a look at your calendar and your goals for your business growth.  Mark off at least 1, 4 or 8 hours of time to allocate to your networking.

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.-                                                                                                      

Wayne W. Dyer

Here’s to you abundant success!

Dianne Crampton



Copyright TIGERS Success Series by Dianne Crampton

Remember, it is up to you to take time to network your own business – and use that time wisely. You can learn the proven methods I used myself to up-level my steady income experience in attracting perfect long-term clients.