piggy bank and measuring tapeRecent Gallup research shows that only 13% of the global workforce is engaged. The rest are not leaping for joy. Of the 13% that are engaged they are out numbered by employees who hate their jobs s by 2 to one.  So the happy worker spiral is heading downward.

So, do happy workers matter?

  • The typical disengaged worker checks their cell phone every 10 minutes, checks Facebook every 60 minutes, and complains about the company.
  • The typical engaged worker feels like they can talk to any manager, feels a sense of community at work, and feels like they can make a difference at work.
  • This is a problem because 68% of workers experience difficulty communicating between team members

The following info graphic by blog.surveyanalytics.com shows some statistics that can be transformed by the TIGERS System. People who professionals who participate in the Six Principles The Build High Performance Teams and Work Communities workshop will be able to test out each of the TIGERS methods in the tool box in a dynamic and hands-on workshop.  We are applying for HCI credit now. Keep tuned as we roll out more information.

7 Out of 10 People are Disengaged at Work

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