geese in flightDo you know your strengths? These are things you are capable of doing that are as easy as breathing.

For example, I love to partner with people who can pluck a misspelling or punctuation error out of a newspaper with real pizazz. Every book editor I have had has told me that I am so easy to work with.  Why not?  It is their genius that is at the helm. If it doesn’t change the context, why would I argue with their brilliance?

When I was validating the TIGERS 360 Team Culture survey and being a bar chart-type person, I wanted to partner with a person who was a pie chart preference.  In both situations it was easy to pass the baton to a team member whose brilliance was needed for a broader and more statistical perspective.

The key is to be able to recognize and then listen to the skills, talents and wisdom of others while keeping your eye on the goal.

Personally, I think if more CEO’s in medium sized companies or even phase 2 start-ups would do this, they would not lose the helm.  Business cycles require different skills and talents.  Innovation, for example, is a creative and then problem solving skill set to to fix errors while getting new ideas into the marketplace — sometimes less than perfect.

Adding systems,  on the other hand, requires replication with metrics and high levels of accuracy.  Leaders who do well in one arena often fail in the other. It takes a very confident person to step back and let another lead when the time comes.

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