Lessons from Leaders Pod Cast Series

Today we visit with Michael Lavigne and learn about his social platform, Open for Change, that funds socially responsible business ventures. Similar to Angel Funding, Open for Change is funded by a membership program and profits earned from funded business ventures.

Michael’s mission is founded on the desire to leave the planet in a better place then when he arrived. He is accomplishing this by improving the human condition as CEO and Co-founder of Open For Change Enterprises.

Michael believes we should always leave each other in a better way than when we first met. Michael wants to live in a world filled with collaboration and innovative people figuring out ways to reduce:

  • Our carbon footprint,
  • To help and support the people who need it, and
  • To create more efficient ways to do business.

Michael believes that we need forward thinkers to unite and create better methods; ones that are socially conscious, have a positive environmental impact, are energy efficient and most importantly empowering to our communities. So that we can all live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

In his career, Michael has helped corporations make millions of dollars, never really questioning how they were making that money, and more importantly what they planned to do with all that money.

In his recent trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand; Michael found his purpose in life, and true calling. This calling is to use his skills and talents to make millions, but instead of helping to stock pile that money, he decided to create a company that actually puts that money to good use, such as helping people in need and repairing our damaged environment.

That is why Michael and his co-founders started a new Social Enterprise in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia called Open For Change, and their effort is to help balance the scale of equality.

So if you  endorse the notion that Food, clothing and shelter are basic human rights, whether you live in a developing country or not.  If you understand that there is abundance to be had all around us and collaboration offers solutions to help us affect that change in society then you are definitely in the right place today.

This is a 45 minute segment so download it to your handheld and take a walk.  Get some fresh air and enjoy.