tiger_in-112x150Do you believe in the existence of a collective team spirit?  I do.

In fact, I developed a mathematical formula to describe it in my contribution to New Leader’s Press, Working Together. I call it the third culture.

I will put the formula at the end of this post for you to see.

Rugged individualism in our modern society has led to the loss of trust and belonging. We yearn for the sense of community we once had in neighborhoods, families and places of faith. As workplaces have commanded increasing prominence in the lives of men and women, they have generally failed to supply the missing balance between individual and community.

Modern enterprises assume that workers will demonstrate the trust and belonging that are necessary to good team relationships.  They miss the point that the deep connection and relationship that their members long for requires the creation of an environment where relationships and the spirit of the team can flower.

For those of you joining me at the 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams Workshop this fall, you will experience first hand how this is done.  For now though, it is important to understand that without a felt sense of belonging, team spirit fizzles.

I discovered how important Belonging is through my leadership coach who years ago took me through a sequence of questions called the 5 Why’s.  The exercise pointed me to the real reason why I am so dedicated to what I do and why I do it.

I put it into a video blog so you could get to know me a little better. It is my hope to get to know you better, too.

Many modern organizations have lost their team spirit. They operate with vision and value structures that only faintly stir the hearts and souls of their employees.

When trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success are unleashed in teams, however, spirit roars.  Hearts soar.

When heart and soul are missing, workers may withdraw or compensate with obsessive or addictive behaviors. These organizations merely keep up with current demands, providing meager service. They are often wounded and unable to foster authentic communication or to heal themselves.  When this happens, they are without spirit and without joy.

Team Spirit Formula

3rd Culture or Team Spirit = Empathy X Rate of Understanding Integration (n)                                                                                              Conflict


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