How To Build A Successful Work Environment Where Trust And Cooperation Thrive.

Are you engaging employees with the critical systems and leadership practices needed take your organization to the next level?

What would it be like to work with a team of inspired employees who like what they do, who want to do more,  and who respect and work well with one another? If you were in a position to lead a team like this, what could you accomplish?

Gallup reports that of the 100 million full time workers in the US, 20 million are miserable and another 59% are unhappy. However, creating a work environment where trust and cooperation thrive is not that difficult to do once you know how to start.

If you have been searching for common sense solutions for making your work environment more cooperative and resilient, this Complimentary Webinar from the TIGERS Den General Membership Program provides cost effective and research-based ideas that improve the work environment in a remarkably short period of time. These solutions are readily championed by employees and you will learn why this is.

This 45 Minute Webinar provides you with:

  •  5 conditions that provide structure for trust and cooperation to thrive in your work environment. These conditions also energize and engage employees.
  •  The psychology of why this employee energizing phenomenon occurs – We will discuss what people really want that results in improved trust and cooperation as natural outcomes.
  •  You will learn what is required to restore trust along with identifying behaviors that build trust and behaviors that predictably cause problems.
  •  Additional TIGERS® resources that make the job easy for you and help you monitor workforce trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success on an ongoing basis so your work environment is the place talented employees want to be and who tell their friends how happy they are.


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