Summary:  Emotionally engaged employees are most productive and TIGERS can help you get there.

Volatile economy. Mobile communication at unprecedented levels, leading to 24 hour workdays and vacations that are more work than play. Doing more with less, for jobs that are increasingly complex. No wonder the majority of American workers report being “disengaged” from their workplaces – and as a result, less productive(Gallup 2011 Employee Engagement Index).

What is the solution? Help people find meaning in their jobs and remove the chaos up the corporate ladder.

At TIGERS Success Series, our certified facilitators help leaders reframe how businesses and individuals work and interact. We help them identify how to structure work so that it aligns with the strategic goals of the organization, while at the same time leveraging team members’ individual strengths that produce a better work-life balance for the employee.

The need for workers to find a path to balanced productivity is urgent, for themselves and for their companies. In a July 2012 survey conducted online by Harris Interactive, only 30 percent of employed U.S. adults strongly agree that their work gives them a strong sense of purpose and meaning. If they’re not finding meaning in their work, they’re not fully engaged and disengaged workers are less productive workers.

In fact, the more productive an employee’s time at work, the less that work will bleed over into their personal time. According to the survey findings, 84.5 million American workers1 report they are constantly checking work emails outside of the office, and this is encroaching on their personal relationships by preventing them from engaging with people or activities. These workers are unable to engage completely in life – with their families, their friends, their communities – due to an inefficient work pattern.

TIGERS Success Series helps leaders build teams to support organizational agility and sustainability to thrive in today’s complex work environment.  “We immediately see fundamental changes in the behavior of team members who participate in the TIGERS Team Wheel and Team Facilitation program. They became more productive in the areas that matter most to business: engaging with customers and employees with well identified and understood behaviors that build mutual collaboration and support,” said Dianne Crampton, Founder of TIGERS Success Series.  “The built-in reinforcement that follows the initial facilitation results in leaders realizing the benefits of continued returns on their investment. And because their team members are working  less but producing more, the impact on employee work-life balance is terrific.”

Here are some resources to learn more about how to become a TIGERS Facilitator or to bring a TIGERS Facilitator into your organization.