Tick placed in awesome checkbox on customer service satisfaction survey formDo you have the qualities and skills to be a good team member?

The easy way to find out is to that this short, self-scoring survey.

How Are Your Team Skills

The best team members understand that the Team’s goals and their goals are ultimately the same. At TIGERS we view success as a win for the team and a win for the team member.

The six TIGERS Principles that build high performance teams are trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success.  Although each of the six TIGERS principles are not included in this short survey, you can learn how to access  the entire team culture survey  here.

We are currently accepting two companies to partake in the final beta testing of the online version of the survey.  We are offering this opportunity for free and it includes a survey debrief with your team lead.

The team size is limited to not less than 8 people and not more than 30 for an intact team.  To apply contact Dianne Crampton, Founder at info@corevalues.com. Be sure to put Survey Opportunity in the subject line.