We found this Gallup Journal article to give  superior insight into what we believe are critical workforce components. These include building good relationships and teamwork in the workplace.

WSFS CEO Mark Turner says hiring people focused on relationships and teamwork has helped his bank prosper while others failed during the recession A Q&A With Mark Turner, President and CEO, WSFS Financial Corporation and WSFS Bank

Since 2008, more than 450 banks have gone into FDIC receivership. But some banks came out of the recession stronger than before. WSFS, a 41-branch retail bank based in Delaware, is one of them.

You need to come up with big ideas to keep engagement fresh.

Mark Turner, WSFS CEO and president, attributes this success to the bank’s culture. “Associate engagement is part of our strategy, and it’s what makes us different,” Turner says. Since 2008, WSFS has hired nearly 300 associates, increasing its staff by 50%, and exited the TARP program.

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