How is your leadership library looking these days? Little slim? That is about to change! Included in your TIGERS Den™ membership, we will be posting books that you can download for free from Amazon.

Why are these books free?

There are a variety of reasons why a book is free on Amazon, however the largest reason outside of out of copyright, is that the author & publisher have decided to offer these books (or collection of books) for free for a limited time. Usually, these books are free for 24-48 hours, or until the downloads reach 20,000. At that point, the book goes back to it’s regular price, so it’s always important to double check the price before you click to purchase.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read these books. You can read any Kindle book on:

  • Any Kindle device
  • Your Smartphone or Tablet via the Kindle app [free app to download]
  • Your PC via Amazon’s cloud reader []

As an added bonus, many books on Amazon have the option of being loaned out for a two week period. What a great way to share your library with your leadership team!

So let’s begin!

Free books for July 30, 2013