In a previous post, we shared how Employee Wellness Programs are impacted by poor communication procedures. Now it would appear that corporate leaders are realizing that worksite health initiatives are a strategic priority to help achieve business objectives and positively impact the health of employees. However, in order to reap the benefits of a successful worksite health initiative, organizations must first invest in making a real shift in their company culture to effectively build and sustain worksite wellness over time.

What does a shift in culture mean?

In order to install an effective program that employees will get behind, employers must ensure the following:

  • Effective employee engagement
  • Provide creative and proven strategies focused on communication initiatives and design
  • Discuss case studies of employers who have implemented successful worksite health strategies

TIGERS Founder, Dianne Crampton is one of 10 consultants participating in the Engagement, Retention and Growth Training Telesummit. Her topic, How to Engage Employees to Champion Change shows you exactly how to engage, communicate and strive for change that improves employee wellness- or any other change initiative –  remarkably fast.

Keeping employees healthy is more critical coming out of the recession than ever.  Promoting healthy lifestyle choices through worksite health programs can positively modify health-risk behaviors, dramatically improve the health and productivity of employees and their families, and reduce healthcare costs that are driven by chronic diseases.

This means more company profit, healthier employees and  more collaboration in the workforce resulting in measurable positive change on operations.

Here are some additional insights:

Build a solid foundation by securing support from senior leadership. Every employer wants a healthy, productive workforce. A strong foundation for building a successful worksite health culture starts with having the whole-hearted support of executive leaders and corporate managers. Corporate leaders have the opportunity to be the catalyst for change within their organizations to impact the health of their employees by creating healthy work environments through workplace health promotion programs, policies and practices that make it easier for employers to make healthy choices.

Develop your worksite health program so it’s relevant to your employees. Worksite health initiatives can improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism and increase your organization’s bottom line. But are you really reaching all eligible employees with your current program? The key to engaging employees and maintaining the momentum of a worksite health program is to provide opportunities and incentives that will increase participation, while implementing the environmental supports and policies to make the healthy choice the easy choice at work. By diversifying your company’s health activities to accommodate older employees and employees with disabilities, you can take worksite health to the next level and maximize ROI.

Infuse worksite wellness into your organization’s business strategies for greater sustainability. To make employee wellness initiatives compelling and sustainable, companies should tie their worksite wellness programs into every aspect of their business. By embedding worksite health as a key business strategy in your core operations, your organization will improve its business reputation, create brand differentiation, increase employee retention and satisfaction, lead your industry in worksite wellness best practices, and improve stakeholder engagement. Providing employees with comprehensive wellness programs not only provides them a way to improve their health, but it also demonstrates corporate social responsibility for your organization.

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Supporting the health and productivity of the workforce is of paramount importance. A strong commitment from senior leadership to establish and maintain a worksite health program is crucial to its success. Only the dedicated organizations that truly embrace worksite health as an integral part of their business philosophy are the ones that will see a significant return on investment.

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