This is a communication game that addresses points of resistence in the change process. It is a facilitated team exercise.


To help team members re-frame their image of self-worth challenged by a change process.


This is a flip chart exercise led by a team facilitator. The point is to help people refocus on a higher purpose when feeling a pinch to their self worth or self esteem. This refocus enables them to operate at a higher level of personal accountability during the change process.  We call this refocus the “Crusade”. This helps them to see that personal achievement and success are possible again, even in a new unconquered land.

Use 2 flip charts. On one write the word, WOUNDS. On the other write the word, CRUSADE. Copy the list of words in the picture below and facilitate a discussion on what other words (Wounds) should be added. Add those.

Reserve the CRUSADE flip chart for identifying the challenges that must be overcome so that wounds are transformed into new ways of winning.

Read the list of words on the WOUND flip chart one by one, recording the challenges on the CRUSADE flip chart. Strive for at least a one to one correspondence between the two charts. Encourage the team to bring each “Wound” to a higher level of thinking.

In the diagram below an example of higher order thinking for “Wound” number one: Criticism about my work habits is presented. An example of a “Crusade” is “Let’s operate under rules of giving and receiving feedback.”


Note: This facilitation is very helpful when people understand how to succeed under old rules but now are faced with new ones. From their perspective, change feels like Charlie Brown attempting to kick the football and having Lucy pull it away at the last minute. As a result, people are uncertain how to win and feel resistant to the change process. (See Engagement, Retention and Growth: 10 Strategic Solutions for Sustainable Corporate Expansion & Employee Retention pages 14 – 17. ) This gives them new meaning and perspective.