Team Building Simulations

The Trainer’s Card Playing Way To Form Small Groups

When developing training for teams or for breaking  large workshops into discussion groups, this activity is fun and engaging.

All too frequently people sit with their best friends or in affinity groups when they attend training. So to build more engagement between pareticipants, this is a simple and effective activity.

Objective:  To use a creative way of forming small groups.

Procedure:  Have… Continue reading

Are You a Trainer, Facilitator, or Consultant? Opportunities Await.

I’ll get right to the point with this week’s blog. If you are a business coach, internal or external trainer, facilitator, educator, or leadership consultant, this conversation is meant for you.

From experience, I know you are all dynamic professionals that champion excellence, encourage innovation and creativity, and teach behaviors required to build and sustain strong teams. No matter the industry you consult for or… Continue reading

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