Compensation Programs Falling Short at U.S. Employers

Cost saving bonuses and profit sharing are not strategies deployed by most U.S. employers according to a new report released by Towers Watson.

Despite the importance of pay when it comes to attracting and retaining employees, companies are falling short in the delivery of their base pay and annual incentive programs. Further, while the competition for talent is heating up, companies are not differentiating pay… Continue reading

Checklist: As A Manager, How Effective Are You?

Great managers aren’t born, they’re made. And becoming a great manager requires honest self-analysis and periodic reassessments. The following checklist was designed to guide you in that analysis. Use it to take stock of your people skills. Be honest with yourself.

Then, tuck it away and revisit it in six months. Ask yourself: Are you working to maintain those strengths and abilities you already possess?… Continue reading

Survey: Are You Ready For Gainsharing?

Gainsharing is a team bonus compensation process based on a commitment to employee involvement that ties bonus pay to gains in workforce productivity. It is paid to everyone equally.

Any program that encourages employees to be more involved in the business — especially hourly and exempt employees — and ties additional pay to the improved business results generated from that involvement is gainsharing.

Some of… Continue reading

Generation Y Workers Are Optimistic For the Future

Generation Y workers are optimistic for the future. This is good news given the inability to find good work just a year ago.

With financial security as passion number one and saving for retirement topping the list of financial goals, Gen Y workers are making plans for a brighter financial future according to new research from the Principal Financial Group®.

When setting financial goals, saving… Continue reading

What Is Training’s Role In Developing A Culture of Innovation?

Claude Legrand teamed up with the American Society for Training and Development to examine innovation in organizations.

The resulting ASTD Research focused on Training and Development’s role.  396 T&D professionals across all industries and organization sizes from a survey administered in September of 2013, and includes a foreword and “Recommendations to Start Training for Innovation” from Legrand. Nearly all respondents (98 percent), strongly agree… Continue reading

How are your team skills? Want to find out?

Do you have the qualities and skills to be a good team member?

The easy way to find out is to that this short, self-scoring survey.

How Are Your Team Skills

The best team members understand that the Team’s goals and their goals are ultimately the same. At TIGERS we view success as a win for the team and a win for the team member.… Continue reading

Is HR ready for the future? No way, report says

This article is a report from a SHRM research study.

The highly connected and global 21st-century workforce is here. And if a massive new report from Deloitte is to be believed, employers are simply not ready for the challenges that workforce will present.

The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report combines 15 years of research as well as a global talent management survey, incorporating… Continue reading

New Study: Your Best Source For Hiring New Employees

New research provided by a leading global provider of cloud-based talent management solutions shows if you are doing your business right your costs for hiring new employees plunges.  This is good news for the CFO’s on your team as well as HR.

Research from SilkRoad, reveals that employee referrals generated the most hires overall.  The results came from mining the company’s vast employee… Continue reading

Health and Engagement Goals Reduce High Health Care Costs

Stress kills. We all know this.  So it makes good sense that executives who want to keep health costs to a minimum during the shift toward the new U.S. health care program would focus on employee health and engagement goals.

As companies strive to keep workers healthier and stem the tide of higher health care costs, it is sensible to embrace health and productivity… Continue reading

How to Cultivate the Good in Your Life? Americans Say “Be Grateful”

With the holiday season upon us, Americans believe gratitude is one of the most important values parents can instill in their children along with kindness, compassion and manners – far outpacing chores, sports and even reading. However, a large majority (89%) feel that society is becoming so concerned with success that we are forgetting about what is truly important, and that people are becoming more… Continue reading

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