3 Skills Leaders Need Now To Propel Business Growth And Productivity

Gone are the days of do what I say. Today’s workforce has changed and managers that hold on to autocratic leadership styles will find low tolerance even in the CEO seat. There are three 3 skills leaders need to propel business growth and productivity if they want to see their businesses succeed through another generation.

New research  projects that the U.S. standard of… Continue reading

Ideas on How Keep Your Best Employees and Lower Turnover Rates

Employee retention and your organization’s turnover rate are extremely important considerations for cost-effective management of your organization. Corporate team building strategies and other team building ideas are important for employee engagement, so if you are concerned about your organization’s turnover rate, read on for some tips to keep your best employees engaged and invested.

Team building ideas vary, and there are many well-written articles with… Continue reading

New Survey Shows Urgent Demand for Employer-Focused Sustainability

We have been projecting that millennials will change the world of work as we know it.  Work systems and management practices will become more respectful, collaborative and employee-centric with clear career paths and opportunities for employee enrichment.

These  mission-driven management systems are changing how leaders view employees as valuable contributors rather than an expense.

These are also values millennials have been taught in… Continue reading

Team Compensation That Sizzles

Guest article by employee benefits consultant, Chris G. Hylton, MA

Many workplaces are organized into teams designed to help maximize productivity and effectiveness. There are countless forms of team building strategies and activities that can be applied to help almost any workplace team be more successful. But. . . have you ever considered team compensation?

Team compensation is most effective when it is applied in… Continue reading

The TIGERS System for Improving Employee Engagement

  • According to Gallup, there are 3 levels of engagement among employees.
  • Engaged employees have a strong commitment to the company and want to move the organization in the right direction.
  • Disengaged employees lack passion and neglect to put energy into their work.
  • Actively disengaged employees are totally detached from the workplace goals and and publicly vocalize their dissatisfaction in the office.
  • The sad truth is… Continue reading

Six Principles For Building High Performance Teams and Work Communities

Team development that drives results.  Who would not want that?

Yet, $2,246 is the average amount a company loses per year as a result of disengaged employees. Engaged employees are 57% more effective and 87% less likely to leave your company, which can result in a large amount of cost savings yearly.

In fact, the typical cost of employee turnover is 48% – 61%… Continue reading

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