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Management Training: How To Deal With Unfriendly Co-Workers

Your goal is to become a manager some day. But for some reason, unfriendly co-workers derail you. It takes you a full day to think through what you are going to say or you mull over what you should have said.

If this is you, chances are you tend to be more introverted and need to carefully think through what you say. Then after a… Continue reading

3 Benefits of Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving week is coming up for people in the United States. This got me thinking about how we say thanks and what this means for business leaders and business in general. This is because a core concept of incorporating a strong sense of belonging into work culture design is that what people do in performing their work matters – a lot. Do we thank them?… Continue reading

Three Ideas for Reducing Conflict On Not-for-profit Teams

Recently, I received a request from a TIGERS Den Member and Business Owner to discuss volunteer program design because of a conflict problem he is facing as a community volunteer. I am sharing my thoughts in the Den for two reasons:

  • First these ideas apply to both business and nonprofits.
  • Second is that many of our TIGERS Den members are senior leaders who either volunteer… Continue reading

Team Building Activity: Take as much as you need

This is a good event when team members do not know one another well – such as a new team that is forming.  It can also be used as a training review exercise.


A bag of candy (e.g. M&M’s or Skittles) or roll of toilet paper

No Set Up is requited


Form the group into a circle. Without telling them any of… Continue reading

Response to a Member About Virtual Team Communications


I work on a virtual team and do collaborate closely with two colleagues on specific tasks, but I find it hard to build relationships with other teammates.  Many of my coworkers are located in different countries. We rely on email, instant messaging and video chat to communicate.  But, it is easy to misunderstand what people are communicating and this leads to some… Continue reading

How are your team skills? Want to find out?

Do you have the qualities and skills to be a good team member?

The easy way to find out is to that this short, self-scoring survey.

How Are Your Team Skills

The best team members understand that the Team’s goals and their goals are ultimately the same. At TIGERS we view success as a win for the team and a win for the team member.… Continue reading

Employee Engagement Do’s and Don’ts














Some situations can lead to behaviors that belong to the “don’ts” list. No one is perfect and can make mistakes but it is vital for organizations to avoid repetition of such behaviors. It is important to understand what emotions or events triggered those behaviors and to try to prevent them. There are… Continue reading

Four Tips To Build Business Success Through Team Work


Business success – how do you define it? Profits, bottom lines, market share, company size? Maybe not.

Welcome, I’m Dianne Crampton founder of TIGERS Success Series and author of TIGERS Among Us – Winning Business Team Cultures and Why they Thrive.

Recent studies show that business success is all about an employee friendly work culture. Companies that encourage teamwork and employee-friendly work cultures see… Continue reading

5 Tips For Great Task Lists

Task lists are the foundation of your project plan. Without a good task list, it will be much harder to produce your project schedule. After all, how will you know what to do? Every project should start out with a comprehensive task list. Read more …

Here are our 5 tips for creating stellar task lists on your projects.

Tip 1: Work with your team… Continue reading

Team Building Activities Re-engage a Disengaged Workforce

Business coaches and consultants with team building activities have their work cut out for them in today’s corporate culture. Seventy percent (70%) of American employees aren’t working to their full potential and they’re slowing economic growth.

According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace: 2010-2012 report: out of the 70% disengaged employees – another 18% are actively disengaged. These employees are emotionally disconnected from… Continue reading

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