Making Sustainability Stick, by Sustainable Business Consulting CEO Kevin Wilhelm, is the implementation book for corporate professionals and students at all levels of sustainability. The book explains the why, what and how for making businesses sustainable and profitable in a competitive global market.

“The sustainability movement continues to grow and most of the Fortune 500 companies are taking action”

Wilhelm draws from his work with over 75 companies to produce a road map for successfully integrating and harvesting the business benefits from sustainability. Each chapter is a stepping stone for companies to transform from where “sustainability is something they do” to full integration into every decision, process and day-to-day action. These action steps lead the reader into how to make their business more profitable and capitalize on the auxiliary benefits of enhanced brand value, risk reduction, and employee engagement and retention.

The sustainability movement continues to grow and most of the Fortune 500 companies are taking action,” says Kevin Wilhelm. “However, as I’ve spoken to business leaders and sustainability directors across the country, many are struggling with both the implementation and behavior change elements that are essential to long-term value creation. That is why I wrote this book: to provide a blueprint, combined with real world successes for companies to emulate.

The book shows the reader “how” to capture employees and stakeholders by engaging them in sustainability. Each chapter has practical action steps, case studies, and pulls from over 40 interviews with current business and sustainability leaders from major Fortune 500 companies and others. Included in the book are tips, checklists, worksheets and strategies for making sustainability real. Making Sustainability Stick emphasizes successful implementation and helps overcome obstacles by identifying opportunities that will drive business.

Testimonials from the book include: “This book encapsulates the best of Drucker, Collins, Senge, and Willard in one place and focuses it on how to operationalize sustainability,” says Director of Climate Counts Mike Bellamente.

Link to purchase: http://amzn.to/15ROT2i

About the Author:

Kevin Wilhelm is the one of the world’s preeminent business consultants in the field of sustainability and climate change. He is the CEO of Sustainable Business Consulting, a Seattle-based consulting firm focused on demonstrating the bottom-line business benefits of sustainability and then leading companies through successful implementation. Kevin brings nearly two decades of experience working with businesses ranging from Fortune 500 multinationals to medium-sized businesses. His clients include Nordstrom, REI, The North Face, Alaska Airlines, Redbox, Expeditors, Drugstore.com, Puget Sound Energy, and more than 75 others.

His previous book is the acclaimed Return on Sustainability: How Business Can Increase Profitability and Address Climate Change in an Uncertain Economy, and he is a professor at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, where he teaches various courses on sustainable business.