Leadership Team Development Tip – DELEGATION


The Six Steps to Effective Delegation are:

  1. Describe the assignment in detail.
  2. Describe the results you want.
  3. Describe the success benefits.
  4. Solicit your team’s ideas for succeeding.
  5. Identify resources, support and timeline.
  6. Schedule follow-ups.

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1. Team Building Activities

2. Short Team Building Ice Breakers… Continue reading

6 Steps To Successful Delegation


Roles, goals and relationships are three functions that make up the team development golden triangle. When it comes to good delegation, these three functions must be taken into consideration.

This short video offers a process that maintains good relationships through empowering others to succeed.  It defines success in clear terms and assures that tasks are completed without a hitch.


Trust Across America

In this 27 minute podcast, you will meet the Executive Director of Trust Across America, Barbara Kimmel. You will discover how to access free resources to use in your companies with regard to trust.

Trust Across America is the premiere not-for-profit organization monitoring trust worthy public companies. Each year, 10 companies are selected and recognized for their trustworthy business practices.

Barbara Kimmel is the Cofounder… Continue reading

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How To Encourage Creativity In Your Office. Copyright © TIGERS Success Series, Inc.2016. Speaker: Dianne Crampton August… Continue reading

Leveraging Social Enterprise with Michael Lavigne and Open for Change

Lessons from Leaders Pod Cast Series

Today we visit with Michael Lavigne and learn about his social platform, Open for Change, that funds socially responsible business ventures. Similar to Angel Funding, Open for Change is funded by a membership program and profits earned from funded business ventures.

Michael’s mission is founded on the desire to leave the planet in a better place then when he… Continue reading

Management Training: How To Deal With Unfriendly Co-Workers

Your goal is to become a manager some day. But for some reason, unfriendly co-workers derail you. It takes you a full day to think through what you are going to say or you mull over what you should have said.

If this is you, chances are you tend to be more introverted and need to carefully think through what you say. Then after a… Continue reading

Leadership Coaching: Learning How To Manage Well Is Important For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Ben Horowitz shares which entrepreneurial skills truly matter, and why learning to manage well may be the most critical skill of all.

// ​_ // ]]>

We agree. We would add that learning to manage well with a clearly defined culture also matters because management becomes much easier for leaders. We also know that culture becomes increasingly important once 20 employees are hired. Without it,… Continue reading

Swap Shop Team Meeting Ice Breaker

The Swap Shop Activity


This team leadership activity is designed to cultivate a number of new ideas.  It can also be used to encourage group participation.


Three sets of flash cards ( 5 x 8-inch index cards), each set numbered from one to ten.


Everyone is told in advance of the meeting to bring at least one idea, exercise, activity, etc.,… Continue reading

3 Benefits of Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving week is coming up for people in the United States. This got me thinking about how we say thanks and what this means for business leaders and business in general. This is because a core concept of incorporating a strong sense of belonging into work culture design is that what people do in performing their work matters – a lot. Do we thank them?… Continue reading

4 Team Building Ideas to Forge Better Work Relationships

Company culture plays a huge role in the success of your organization, and if you notice more negative aspects than positive aspects among employees, you should consider implementing some team building ideas to build better relationships among your employees. Workplace conflicts are detrimental to the productivity of everyone involved, but with these team building ideas, you can create a better culture. This article references tips… Continue reading

15 Team Candidate Job Interview Questions That Help You Determine The Best Fit

How to hire correctly for existing teams isn’t tricky. The questions you ask need not be complicated either. But they do need to reveal the character of what might be the next person on your payroll.

Below is a list of questions you should consider asking your next job candidate, and what their answers might reveal.

The resource we adapted this information from is Adapted… Continue reading

Leadership Transparency is Vital for Success

The 19th annual federal CFO Survey conducted by AGA in partnership with Grant Thornton LLP is in, and according to participants, declining budgets, recruitment and retention and a range of financial management crises are key risks for an organization’s success.

Risk management, analytics, transparency, shared services and workforces were the five major themes that emerged from the 2014 CFO Survey, and in all areas, participants… Continue reading

How to Change and Improve Behavior in the Workplace

Team member behavior in the workplace can make or break your organization’s success, so for something so essential, you want to ensure everyone is on the same page. If you are experiencing some turbulence from certain employees, there are some strategies that you can implement to change and improve certain workplace behaviors among team members.

With the help of the following articles, this article offers… Continue reading

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