Facilitators, consultants, and business coaches are an entrepreneurial bunch. They are self employed go-getters and internal company trainers that take on the responsibility of rebuilding and strengthening company culture and leadership skills. They often enter a corporate environment where team collaboration, cohesion, and leadership has been replaced by hostility, rumor-mongering, and high turnover. These facilitators are then expected to perform a miracle and bring the company culture back from the brink of destruction. Tall order by any stretch of the imagination for any business consultant.

So when faced with the above scenario, consultants and trainers must enter the corporate arena armed with confidence and proven team building resources. So let’s start by identifying the pain points that many independent facilitation consultants and internal trainers face in this niche industry.  By acknowledging pain points, consultants can then equip themselves with solutions.

Pain point #1On your own

Independent consultants and internal trainers are pretty much on their own. They often lack collaboration with other like-minded professionals to problem solve, brainstorm, and seek inspiration. Without a pool of thought leaders to draw from, these individuals can become isolated.

Pain point #2 – Lack of proven tools and resources

Tools and resources abound out there, but where does the trainer or consultant begin? Many team or leadership building tools are not researched-based with proven success rates.  In other words, the consultant must use a client as a guinea pig to find out if the resource can indeed build team consensus, open the lines of communication, and build desired leadership skills.

Pain point #3 – No knowledge on how to market skills

How do consultants and facilitators, especially those just entering the industry, get their name out there?  Honing in on your industry niche and branding your company can be a daunting task even for the most experienced marketer.

Pain point #4Resources are not complementary

There is nothing worse that filling a “toolbox” with expensive team building resources that don’t complement the core-value resources of the organization that hired you. What about measurable results in a program? Second-guessing the tools to purchase for your arsenal can be an expensive endeavor.

Pain point #5No training or ongoing education

Ok…the facilitator has this great new resource, now what? How do they use it to get the most advantageous results? Getting a live body on the phone or scheduling training opportunities isn’t typically part of the package. What about practice opportunities with the new team building resource before taking it “live” in front of your client?

The Good News is…

business tools and resources are readily available to trainers, business coaches, and consultants when they need it. The take away I want you to have from these pain points is that independent consultants search for:

  • resources offering a like-minded community or forum of professionals
  • measurable, complementary, proven team building resources
  • ongoing education, practice, and support
  • an affiliate with an established program to reduce marketing efforts

A Sneak Peak at TIGERS Facilitator Expertise

In recent blogs I’ve talked about my upcoming teleseminar this month – Engagement, Retention, and Growth.  Consultants and trainers can take a sneak peak into the expertise of already established TIGERS facilitators and like-minded colleagues. 10 experts present viable solutions from diverse perspectives such as change management, marketing, training, team development, executive recruitment, employee retention and sales. Join me and other like-minded professionals and TIGERS facilitators for this insightful teleseminar.

Expand Your Toolbox as a Licensed TIGERS Facilitator

I am looking for dynamic business coaches, internal and external trainers, facilitators, educators, and leadership consultants who want to reduce the “pain points” in their consulting and training businesses. These individuals are searching for proven resources and solutions to take their organization or consulting business to the next level. With opportunities to “brainstorm” with like-minded thought leaders, utilize the proven TIGERS Team Wheel and an arsenal of team-building resource tools, the “royalty free” TIGERS Facilitation Certification is the solution for the right candidates. Don’t stop with personality assessments. Use proven resources and assessment tools that reveal behavioral issues, sources of conflict, undiscovered skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses within a team or organization. If you are a consultant or trainer and fit this scenario, I want to hear from you.

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About Dianne:

Dianne  Crampton is the Founder of TIGERS Success Series. She is the leader in building successful quality-focused and cooperative team culture communities.

As a thought leader in the team culture movement, she has been published by Barrett Koehler, Pfeiffer (an in print of John Wiley & Sons) and Three Creeks. Her latest work, TIGERS Among Us: Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive has received international acclaim.

Nominated by Merrill Lynch for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for a team culture change system that helps leaders bring about desired team culture change remarkably fast, she certifies and licenses consultants, facilitators, and HR leader to use the proven TIGERS team culture system within their organization with measurable success.