Fotolia_8452036_XSCompany culture plays a huge role in the success of your organization, and if you notice more negative aspects than positive aspects among employees, you should consider implementing some team building ideas to build better relationships among your employees.
Workplace conflicts are detrimental to the productivity of everyone involved, but with these team building ideas, you can create a better culture. This article references tips from the following articles:

Below are some potential problems in the workplace, along with the team building ideas to build better relationships and resolve these issues.

Communication focuses on negative, rather than positive. If you find that a coworker always points out negative aspects, this is a sign that the relationship between the two of you is off, according to 6 Signs Your Coworker Has a Beef with You and What you Can Do About It. Ignoring the situation will not fix this issue, and the best way to tackle negativity is by responding only positively. Constructive criticism is helpful, but when the comments become only about what you have done wrong without any advice to improve, the conversation has turned and something needs to be done.

You dislike your coworkers, and they dislike you. According to Why Your Co-Workers Hate You, there are many reasons employees irritate one another, and one main reason could be open office layouts. These layouts allow for little privacy among employees, making it difficult to find solace away from one another. The article poses to follow the Golden Rule in this situation, and try to seek comfort in a live and let live attitude.

You blame conflicts on personalities. According to Most Work Conflicts Aren’t Due to Personality, coworkers tend to blame workplace conflicts on differing personalities, but the root behind conflicts are much more complicated. Leaders can prevent and reduce conflicts by clearly defining roles and expectations at the beginning of projects so that all team members are on the same page and have the same understanding of the project requirements.

Gossip prevails among employees. Gossip hurts everyone involved, as the gossiper is looked upon just as or more poorly than the target of the gossip. According to Dealing With Workplace Betrayal, Part 3 (Gossip), if gossip is running rampant through the workplace, targets need to address the gossip head-on. Employees who are targets of gossip need to first determine what is being said, and who started it. If it is true, employees can work on themselves to take themselves out of this situation, but if it is false, the target needs to confront the gossiper to stop the gossip in its tracks. Gossip is a tricky scenario, but by taking account of your own actions, you can prevent and stop malicious rumors.

There are many issues that can threaten productivity in the workplace, but with the above team building ideas, you can build a better culture that promotes happy and productive employees.