Take Inconsistency Out Of Leadership Development.

TIGERS® provides a single proven system to grow talent, improve behavior, and increase workgroup satisfaction.
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The Problem

If your advancement into a leadership position came without training support, less than 50% of the people like you will be supervisors 18 months from now.  Yet you’re expected to lead teams.

The Solution

Skilled managers deliver a 49% increase in productivity.  They are proficient in good communication, coaching for performance, conflict resolution, decision-making, planning, guidance and onboarding. This is what separates successful managers from struggling ones.

Day long training might not be available for you. What if training was available when you wanted it? What if training is delivered in small chunks of information so it is easy to apply? What if coaching were delivered to you personally and with colleagues? These are solutions the TIGERS Den provides.

TIGERS Methods

In the TIGERS Den, we believe:

  1. Leadership micro-training should be available when you want it.
  2. Training can be viewed as often as you want to access it.
  3. Leadership development builds skills one step at a time.
  4. Training focuses on behavior and skills that improve measurable levels of trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success in your work group.
  5. Training must result in measurable cost savings and productivity improvements in your organization’s bottom line.

This is what we deliver along with coaching. When five or more of your leaders are enrolled, we open group coaching for you.

TIGERS Den Membership Portal

This is what your membership portal provides:

  • Recorded training in audio, video , and print formats that you have 24/7 access to.
  • Flexible delivery to your computer and hand held devices.
  • Bi-monthly coaching calls where questions are answered and discussions take place.  These calls are recorded for your convenience.
  • Self-development resources such as assessments and exercises.
  • Topic Archives and much more.

The bottom line is that one off leadership training doesn’t transfer well to improved skills and attitudes. Neither do day-long training events that take you out of the office while your work piles up. 

The TIGERS Den annual leadership training membership offers a successful alternative that is measurable in your organization’s bottom line. 

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