The TIGERS Den™  Leadership Training Membership Program Provides Valuable Resources And Web-based Training To Leaders and Business Owners For Achieving High Performance Teams And A Collaborative, Successful Work Environment

If you have been advanced into a leadership position without training support and are expected to lead teams, less than 50% of the people like you will be in their positions 18 months from now. On the other hand, top performing managers deliver a 49% increase in productivity? So what are some of the basic skills that promote good communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, planning. employee coaching and onboarding that separates successful managers from those who are not?  We are offering a solution well worth considering.

Perhaps your goal is to earn a team leadership role, but online training that you have enrolled in previously was boring and ineffective. Perhaps you could only view the training once and most of what you learned was forgotten in a few days. Perhaps the training was only available at a specific time and your pressing responsibilities made it impossible for you to attend.

What if this training was available when you wanted it, could be viewed as often as you wanted to view it, offered you a leadership development plan with coaching and was consistent with building high levels of trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success on teams? What if your results were measurable in cost savings or productivity improvements? Would this benefit you?

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When you enroll in the annual TIGERS Den™ Leadership  Training Program, you’ll discover valuable resources for teams and leaders that help you create a  cooperative work environment that helps you improve your leadership skills to grow your organization in a scalable and measured way. 

Then inside your membership portal you will find:

Recorded training in both audio and video formats that you have 24/7 access to. Learn while on the go and when you want to. Receive your materials at your work station – and – all downloadable to your hand held devices. Then participate in bi-monthly coaching calls where all your questions are answered.  These calls are recorded for your convenience.

  1. Training One: TIGERS 6 Principles Training – An 8 Video and Audio Self-Study Program to start you out that discusses each of the 6 TIGERS principles in detail and is designed to help you improve your own leadership skills on your own schedule and time commitment.
  2. Training Two: Understanding Yourself and Others for Improved Leadership Mastery ( 7 one-hour sessions) with handouts.  This program is designed to help you become more effective in communicating with your peers and with coaching the people you lead.
  3. Training Three: Understanding Your Conflict Resolution Style To Build More Successful Collaboration. (3 one-hour sessions) with handouts. This program is designed to help you resolve conflict in ways that benefit collaborative decision-making and problem solving.
  4. Training Four: Master the Four Stages of Conflict Resolution for Effective Problem Solving.

Leadership Coaching Calls that are both live and recorded for your convenience

● Team Development Surveys and Exercises

Leadership Self Assessments

A Community of Successful Team Leaders

Topic Archives and Much More!

The bottom line is that facilitative leadership training is NOT a part of most organizational training programs. That is why training transference is so low.  This annual membership offers an alternative that gives you repeated access to training and content materials that are delivered in different formats including an online coaching platform.  And, if you desire one-on-one coaching to help you through learning hurdles, that can be arranged, too. 

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This membership is ideal for:

●  Entrepreneurs building collaborative teams and who want consistent training topics for emerging leaders that is accessible when they want it and need it.

●  Business owners and leaders looking to develop and train staff with team skills that improve workforce behavior, growth and revenue

●  Employees and supervisors who would benefit from communication, team leadership and group process improvement training

●  Team leaders and Business Owners who want to improve their personal leadership skills

Here in the TIGERS Den™ we give you the insights and tools to build cohesive teams that resonate with trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success.  We also help you train strong leaders so that you can grow your organization in a scalable and measured way.

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The TIGERS Den Charter Membership Offer:

1.  For one annual membership, one easy payment of $239        Yes, give me access now!

2. For two annual memberships, one easy payment of $500       Yes, give us access now!

3. For five annual memberships, one easy payment of $1,000     Yes, give us access now!

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This Charter Team Leadership Membership Program is ideal for small business owners and new managers looking for a cost effective way to improve their team leadership skills and for building more cohesive teams. This Charter investment offer is available for a limited time only.

Get immediate access now. Improve your leadership effectiveness, productivity and revenue by unleashing enhanced trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success in your workforce today .