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What Is Training’s Role In Developing A Culture of Innovation?

Claude Legrand teamed up with the American Society for Training and Development to examine innovation in organizations.

The resulting ASTD Research focused on Training and Development’s role.  396 T&D professionals across all industries and organization sizes from a survey administered in September of 2013, and includes a foreword and “Recommendations to Start Training for Innovation” from Legrand. Nearly all respondents (98 percent), strongly agree… Continue reading

What Does Workpalce Absense Really Cost You?

Productivity Insight series sheds light on the hidden costs of employee absences

The cost of employee absence and disability may be perceived as trivial compared with the costs of employer-sponsored health plans. However, a new Productivity Insight paper shares research that reveals the indirect costs of absence also can be very costly to employers’ bottom lines and should be taken into consideration.

For example,… Continue reading

Communication Plans Are Key To Employee Wellness Program Success

New research shows employees need more knowledge about company wellness programs

What we have is a failure to communicate. Who said that? It seems that good communication is the key to bending the benefits cost curve when it commes to containing health costs.

Employers counting on wellness programs to bend the benefits cost curve must include strong communication plans in their strategy if… Continue reading

Trust and Communication Are Key Criteria For High Performing Teams, TIGERS Success Series Study Reveals

The TIGERS Success Series 2012 Study of Global HR Professionals presents the findings of 2,830 HR professionals regarding the impacts and value of workplace ‘teambuilding’ in 2012.

With news about ethical lapses in organizations all too frequent, and as many businesses struggle with employee morale and retention, now is a good time to consider the importance and impact of team building in the 2012 workplace.… Continue reading

How To Improve A Team

This white paper discusses the 2009 results of a team dynamic survey conducted by TIGERS Sucess Series. Of 750 participating executives only 7.5% were from collaborative team cultures. These executives reported a much different dynamic. They were aware of their corporate core values and understood how leadership, employee behaviors and company policies either support or erode values such as trust and respect. Continue reading

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