Small talk in the Den

Levergaging Strengths For High Performance Teams

Do you know your strengths? These are things you are capable of doing that are as easy as breathing.

For example, I love to partner with people who can pluck a misspelling or punctuation error out of a newspaper with real pizazz. Every book editor I have had has told me that I am so easy to work with.  Why not?  It is… Continue reading

Lessons on Empathy

Do you recognize kindness and kind, helpful actions in the workplace? With lack of sincerely it will look like manipulation. With a commitment to a connected and productive workforce, kindness can increase productivity up to 60% or more.

Guard your thinking — change your world …

It is so easy to flip into what we call stinking thinking when faced with adversity. Or is it adversity? Maybe it is fine tuning.

It is important to watch the back ground thinking carefully or it is very easy to trip.

The tiki you see here is the warrior. He is protecting family and prosperity. A fitting tiki don’t you think for guarding your… Continue reading

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