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Leadership Transparency is Vital for Success

The 19th annual federal CFO Survey conducted by AGA in partnership with Grant Thornton LLP is in, and according to participants, declining budgets, recruitment and retention and a range of financial management crises are key risks for an organization’s success.

Risk management, analytics, transparency, shared services and workforces were the five major themes that emerged from the 2014 CFO Survey, and in all areas, participants… Continue reading

Are Employees Getting What They Need from Their Workplace Benefits?

Seventy-four percent of middle-income employees derive the majority of their financial security from the benefits they receive at the workplace, according to the 2014 Guardian Workplace Benefits StudySM.  Despite the importance of benefits, only one in four employees finds their company’s communications helpful in choosing what’s right for them.

Workplace benefits are essential to most Americans’ financial security and employers have a responsibility to… Continue reading

Compensation Programs Falling Short at U.S. Employers

Cost saving bonuses and profit sharing are not strategies deployed by most U.S. employers according to a new report released by Towers Watson.

Despite the importance of pay when it comes to attracting and retaining employees, companies are falling short in the delivery of their base pay and annual incentive programs. Further, while the competition for talent is heating up, companies are not differentiating pay… Continue reading

How Culture and Corporate Strategy Collide

Does work culture and corporate strategy align for most organizations? From our limited research the answer is no.  Now a much larger research study conducted by Korn Ferry  has proven our conclusion correct.

In the 6 Principles That Builds High Performance Team’s clinic case study,  we explore an organization with high turnover and whose Board of Directors wants important feedback from… Continue reading

HR’s Role in Corporate Strategy and Team Development

HR’s role in strategic goal achievement is changing rapidly in progressive team-based companies.  In a recent interview with SilkRoad, a leading global provider of cloud-based talent management solutions, we learned about their new study.

Here is a graphic representation of their findings:













The survey  recorded the responses of 300 HR professionals… Continue reading

3 Skills Leaders Need Now To Propel Business Growth And Productivity

Gone are the days of do what I say. Today’s workforce has changed and managers that hold on to autocratic leadership styles will find low tolerance even in the CEO seat. There are three 3 skills leaders need to propel business growth and productivity if they want to see their businesses succeed through another generation.

New research  projects that the U.S. standard of… Continue reading

Do Some Corporate Crises Require Big Executive Bonuses?

In a results-driven world, corporate executives often live and die by the sword. They earn huge bonuses when profits are climbing, and they can lose their jobs quickly if results turn sour. But when a company plunges into a true crisis, new research suggests that offering executives the right kind of bonuses, and even some forgiveness for bad results, can be the key to company… Continue reading

New Survey Shows Urgent Demand for Employer-Focused Sustainability

We have been projecting that millennials will change the world of work as we know it.  Work systems and management practices will become more respectful, collaborative and employee-centric with clear career paths and opportunities for employee enrichment.

These  mission-driven management systems are changing how leaders view employees as valuable contributors rather than an expense.

These are also values millennials have been taught in… Continue reading

Merrill Lynch Study Finds 72 Percent of People Over the Age of 50 Want to Work in Retirement

We found this new research to be very interesting. It applies to virtual teams and to contractor engagements.

A new landmark study from Merrill Lynch, conducted in partnership with Age Wave, finds that nearly three out of four (72 percent) pre-retirees over the age of 50 say their ideal retirement will include working – often in new, more flexible and fulfilling ways. And with already… Continue reading

Is Stress Ruining Your Talent Retention?

Summary: International Poll Reveals 42% of US Respondents Have Purposely Switched Jobs Due to a Stressful Work Environment; US Survey Finds That Workplace Stress has Caused Illness for 61% of Respondents.

We knew when we developed Melting Your Stress within 30 Days how important stress management is for team leaders.  Many have shared this resource with their teams. So it is possible that… Continue reading

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