Management Training: How To Deal With Unfriendly Co-Workers

Your goal is to become a manager some day. But for some reason, unfriendly co-workers derail you. It takes you a full day to think through what you are going to say or you mull over what you should have said.

If this is you, chances are you tend to be more introverted and need to carefully think through what you say. Then after a… Continue reading

3 Benefits of Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving week is coming up for people in the United States. This got me thinking about how we say thanks and what this means for business leaders and business in general. This is because a core concept of incorporating a strong sense of belonging into work culture design is that what people do in performing their work matters – a lot. Do we thank them?… Continue reading

Leadership Transparency is Vital for Success

The 19th annual federal CFO Survey conducted by AGA in partnership with Grant Thornton LLP is in, and according to participants, declining budgets, recruitment and retention and a range of financial management crises are key risks for an organization’s success.

Risk management, analytics, transparency, shared services and workforces were the five major themes that emerged from the 2014 CFO Survey, and in all areas, participants… Continue reading

Ideas on How Keep Your Best Employees and Lower Turnover Rates

Employee retention and your organization’s turnover rate are extremely important considerations for cost-effective management of your organization. Corporate team building strategies and other team building ideas are important for employee engagement, so if you are concerned about your organization’s turnover rate, read on for some tips to keep your best employees engaged and invested.

Team building ideas vary, and there are many well-written articles with… Continue reading

Do Some Corporate Crises Require Big Executive Bonuses?

In a results-driven world, corporate executives often live and die by the sword. They earn huge bonuses when profits are climbing, and they can lose their jobs quickly if results turn sour. But when a company plunges into a true crisis, new research suggests that offering executives the right kind of bonuses, and even some forgiveness for bad results, can be the key to company… Continue reading

Nine Prohibited Employment Practices Everyone Should Know

-Carney R. Shegerian, founder of Shegerian & Associates, a Santa Monica-based law firm specializing in employee rights, has written an article titled “Nine Prohibited Employment Practices Everyone Should Know.”

“…not knowing when your employment rights have been violated can be just as damaging as having your rights violated. Knowing your rights as well as how to enforce them can go a long way in today’s… Continue reading

Levergaging Strengths For High Performance Teams

Do you know your strengths? These are things you are capable of doing that are as easy as breathing.

For example, I love to partner with people who can pluck a misspelling or punctuation error out of a newspaper with real pizazz. Every book editor I have had has told me that I am so easy to work with.  Why not?  It is… Continue reading

Is Stress Ruining Your Talent Retention?

Summary: International Poll Reveals 42% of US Respondents Have Purposely Switched Jobs Due to a Stressful Work Environment; US Survey Finds That Workplace Stress has Caused Illness for 61% of Respondents.

We knew when we developed Melting Your Stress within 30 Days how important stress management is for team leaders.  Many have shared this resource with their teams. So it is possible that… Continue reading

Why Are Great Managers Hard To Come By?

Gallup has found that one of the most important decisions companies make is whom they name manager. Yet  analytics suggest companies usually get it wrong. In fact, Gallup finds that companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for the job 82% of the time.

Bad managers cost businesses billions of dollars each year, and having too many of them can bring… Continue reading

Lost Time And Productivity Due To Low Employee Engagement

Recent Gallup research shows that only 13% of the global workforce is engaged. The rest are not leaping for joy. Of the 13% that are engaged they are out numbered by employees who hate their jobs s by 2 to one.  So the happy worker spiral is heading downward.

So, do happy workers matter?

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