Ice Breakers

Swap Shop Team Meeting Ice Breaker

The Swap Shop Activity


This team leadership activity is designed to cultivate a number of new ideas.  It can also be used to encourage group participation.


Three sets of flash cards ( 5 x 8-inch index cards), each set numbered from one to ten.


Everyone is told in advance of the meeting to bring at least one idea, exercise, activity, etc.,… Continue reading

Ice Breaker: The Mission Game

The Mission Statement Game

Time: 15 minutes to several hours

Purpose: To create focus, passion, and group buy-in

  • Participants: All age groups
  • Materials needed: Pens, paper



Instructions: Each person finishes the sentence, “My vision of a team that works is …”

The entire team now creates one statement or visual that represents the total of these vision statements.

Desired outcome: The team finds… Continue reading

The Tone and Attitude Words Game

Tone/Attitude Words

Purpose: To build management and team leader awareness to recognize important emotional signals. This is a good prelude to emotional intelligence training.

Time: 5 – 15 minutes

Resources: Pens, quiz paper

Process: Divide participants into teams of 2-4 members. The bigger the group – the longer it takes.

Give each team a quiz page. The goal of the team is to match up… Continue reading

Ice Breaker for Staff Meeting, Team Building, Stuffy-Conservative Folks and for Pure Fun


Group size: 8 – 40 people

Level of physical activity: High

Estimated time: 15-20 minutes

Resources:  One 50-piece puzzle and 4 small bags per group of four people.

Participants enjoy this activity because it engages them in cooperation quickly. Use it at any time to make a point about interdependence, the necessity of having everyone’s input, or the importance of regular communication.

Instructions:… Continue reading

Changing Me to We



Here is a simple activity for starting a meeting where good team behavior is required to solve difficult problems.

It is also a good visual for initiating group agreements for behavior during challenging and maybe polarizing meetings between individuals or departments.

The key here is to simply not say a word. Simply cut out the box. Rotate it and then use scotch tape… Continue reading

Ice Breaker for a Problem Solving Meeting: How many squares do you see?

How Many Square Do You See

This is a good ice breaking exercise for teams  meeting to solve root cause problems or for debriefing the results of a team effort. The exercise helps individual team members see beyond the obvious. It also helps team members notice different layers of information and the complexity within a less complex system.

The correct answer is 36.

Persuasion and Communication Skills Game

I learned about this game from Fradley Croft Corporate Events Ltd in the UK.

When it is time to do a team evaluation and your team has lost some steam, this is a short team building activity to do after your team is on board with the six principles that build high performance teams — Trust, Interdependence, Genuineness, Empathy, Risk and Success.

This is… Continue reading

Free Ebook: 96 Ways To Use Promotional Products For Your Brand

Ok.  Just because we are reinventing our display booth space for conferences doesn’t mean you are interested in promotions as a strategy for your teams and companies.  And, since our tribe in the TIGERS Den is composed of both independent and larger team-based companies, I thought I would share a discovery.  It certainly got my creative juices going for my goals.

Basically,… Continue reading

Team Creativity Exercise: Let’s Get Creative

From Training Games From The Inside by Jeff Stibbard

I like this game because it promotes creativity on teams and also helps with training retention so we use it at the end of a team development event.  We also use it to kick off the start of the second day of training where we recap what was learned the day before. It also works… Continue reading

The Trainer’s Card Playing Way To Form Small Groups

When developing training for teams or for breaking  large workshops into discussion groups, this activity is fun and engaging.

All too frequently people sit with their best friends or in affinity groups when they attend training. So to build more engagement between pareticipants, this is a simple and effective activity.

Objective:  To use a creative way of forming small groups.

Procedure:  Have… Continue reading

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