Facilitation Exercise

New Exercise For Establishing Team Ground Rules


In addition to the 6 TIGERS Behavior Agreements that form group norms, this team survey can be used for creating team ground rule agreements.



Here are some facilitation guidelines to consider before exploring the assumptions your team holds about teams:

  1. Make sure every team member feels heard from and listened to.
  2. Do not vote. The goal is to talk through… Continue reading

Team Creativity Exercise: Let’s Get Creative

From Training Games From The Inside by Jeff Stibbard

I like this game because it promotes creativity on teams and also helps with training retention so we use it at the end of a team development event.  We also use it to kick off the start of the second day of training where we recap what was learned the day before. It also works… Continue reading


This is a communication game that addresses points of resistence in the change process. It is a facilitated team exercise.


To help team members re-frame their image of self-worth challenged by a change process.


This is a flip chart exercise led by a team facilitator. The point is to help people refocus on a higher purpose when feeling a pinch to… Continue reading

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