A Tip For Team Building During The Flu Season

There are many ways to curb flue epidemics in the office. Providing perks for flu shots, big fruit bowls of oranges in the break room, hand sanitizers and taking extra janitorial precautions help.

Probably the most effective method is encouraging employees to stay home when they are sick. If they are working on team projects, phone conferences and other remote employee communication systems serve to… Continue reading

Are Employees Getting What They Need from Their Workplace Benefits?

Seventy-four percent of middle-income employees derive the majority of their financial security from the benefits they receive at the workplace, according to the 2014 Guardian Workplace Benefits StudySM.  Despite the importance of benefits, only one in four employees finds their company’s communications helpful in choosing what’s right for them.

Workplace benefits are essential to most Americans’ financial security and employers have a responsibility to… Continue reading

Nine Prohibited Employment Practices Everyone Should Know

-Carney R. Shegerian, founder of Shegerian & Associates, a Santa Monica-based law firm specializing in employee rights, has written an article titled “Nine Prohibited Employment Practices Everyone Should Know.”

“…not knowing when your employment rights have been violated can be just as damaging as having your rights violated. Knowing your rights as well as how to enforce them can go a long way in today’s… Continue reading

Team Building Activities Reduce Workplace Incivility

Tempers flare when a weekly sales quota doesn’t get met….

An employee is told to comprise their standards – maybe fudge some numbers or overlook a quality control issue…..

A manager takes credit for an employee’s hard work…

All instances of workplace incivility? Absolutely! According to the eighth National Business Ethics Survey (NBES), 41 percent of over 6,400 workers surveyed said they have observed misconduct… Continue reading

Trust is a Key Ingredient Missing From Business Team Building

What is the definition of trust? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is defined as having assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.  A pretty straightforward definition with very little room for misinterpretation.

So why is trust so hard to come by these days to encourage team work in the business arena? According to “Building Trust in… Continue reading

Seattle Sea Hawks, Auburn Mountainview High School, Symetra and Cultivating Youth

I get pretty excited when I see youth leadership and enterprise funding trickle down from the business and sports industries.  As a Sea Hawks fan, I had to share this news clip with you.

Symetra and the Seattle Seahawks have awarded Auburn Mountainview High School with the Symetra Heroes in the Classroom® “MVP Award.” The $10,000 grant will be used by the Auburn, Wash.,… Continue reading

Toyota Receives Inaugural Award of Top Company for Employee Engagement

Toyota got my attention this week. They have been named to the Top 50 Companies for Diversity. That makes good sense, right?

You probably remember when Mike Hoseus, co-author of the Toyota Culture and former HR Executive for Toyota said this. “My thanks to Dianne Crampton for writing TIGERS Among Us. Wherever I go around the country talking to people about Toyota Culture, I… Continue reading

How to Cultivate the Good in Your Life? Americans Say “Be Grateful”

With the holiday season upon us, Americans believe gratitude is one of the most important values parents can instill in their children along with kindness, compassion and manners – far outpacing chores, sports and even reading. However, a large majority (89%) feel that society is becoming so concerned with success that we are forgetting about what is truly important, and that people are becoming more… Continue reading

2012 Employee Benefits Survey Results

The Employee Benefits Landscape in a Recovering Economy

2012 Employee Benefits SHRM 2012 Report

Get the full report

If you plan on attracting and retaining talented employees, what employee benefit programs will keep you at par or ahead of your competitors? This was the question the Society for Human Resource Development (SHRM) hoped to answer as they conducted their 2012 Employee Benefits Survey.

A list… Continue reading

Eye Exams Head Off Other Health Concerns

Employee well being is something exceptional leaders think about.

We know that stellar leadership and engaged employees create a work environment with  fewer health ailements. One reason is that chronic  resentment isn’t present resulting in less harmful stress. The saying, “What’s eating you” has relevance.  And, there is a limit to what exceptional leaders can do when team… Continue reading

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