Employee Health

A Tip For Team Building During The Flu Season

There are many ways to curb flue epidemics in the office. Providing perks for flu shots, big fruit bowls of oranges in the break room, hand sanitizers and taking extra janitorial precautions help.

Probably the most effective method is encouraging employees to stay home when they are sick. If they are working on team projects, phone conferences and other remote employee communication systems serve to… Continue reading

Employee Benefits Program “Dream Manager” is Revolutionary Among Team Building Ideas

Mary Miller, CEO

Imagine coming into work one day and hearing, “make a list of the dreams you want to achieve in your life and as a company we will help you through the process; whether it is purchasing your first home, going back to school, or and even learning a new language. Sound like something only a mom and pop boutique business could pull… Continue reading

Health and Engagement Goals Reduce High Health Care Costs

Stress kills. We all know this.  So it makes good sense that executives who want to keep health costs to a minimum during the shift toward the new U.S. health care program would focus on employee health and engagement goals.

As companies strive to keep workers healthier and stem the tide of higher health care costs, it is sensible to embrace health and productivity… Continue reading

Employee Wellness is a Strategic Priority

In a previous post, we shared how Employee Wellness Programs are impacted by poor communication procedures. Now it would appear that corporate leaders are realizing that worksite health initiatives are a strategic priority to help achieve business objectives and positively impact the health of employees. However, in order to reap the benefits of a successful worksite health initiative, organizations must first invest in making… Continue reading

Communication Plans Are Key To Employee Wellness Program Success

New research shows employees need more knowledge about company wellness programs

What we have is a failure to communicate. Who said that? It seems that good communication is the key to bending the benefits cost curve when it commes to containing health costs.

Employers counting on wellness programs to bend the benefits cost curve must include strong communication plans in their strategy if… Continue reading

Eye Exams Head Off Other Health Concerns

Employee well being is something exceptional leaders think about.

We know that stellar leadership and engaged employees create a work environment with  fewer health ailements. One reason is that chronic  resentment isn’t present resulting in less harmful stress. The saying, “What’s eating you” has relevance.  And, there is a limit to what exceptional leaders can do when team… Continue reading

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