Communication Training

The Tone and Attitude Words Game

Tone/Attitude Words

Purpose: To build management and team leader awareness to recognize important emotional signals. This is a good prelude to emotional intelligence training.

Time: 5 – 15 minutes

Resources: Pens, quiz paper

Process: Divide participants into teams of 2-4 members. The bigger the group – the longer it takes.

Give each team a quiz page. The goal of the team is to match up… Continue reading

Communication Skills: Strategies To Use When You Feel Defensive

Communication is problematic at best. As a leader or team member, however, the more proficient you are in understanding what others are communicating to you, the better your response and ultimate effectiveness.  So when communications causes you to become defensive, what is the best course of action?

When we get defensive, we make it hard for the people we are talking with to hear… Continue reading

Employee Infidelity: Are Your Employees Unfaithful?

Employee  infidelity. It can be the demise of today’s businesses. But just what does it mean when employees are unfaithful to an organization?

It means that a once solid relationship between employee and employer is now broken and the employee has moved on to a competitor willing to “woo” and nurture their expertise and talents. These employees abandon job positions and the companies who… Continue reading

Hiring Team-Oriented People Helps This Bank Thrive

We found this Gallup Journal article to give  superior insight into what we believe are critical workforce components. These include building good relationships and teamwork in the workplace.

WSFS CEO Mark Turner says hiring people focused on relationships and teamwork has helped his bank prosper while others failed during the recession A Q&A With Mark Turner, President and CEO, WSFS Financial Corporation and WSFS… Continue reading

Leadership Team Development With A Soft Skill Focus

As baby booms soon begin to retire in masse, it makes sense to pump up soft skills training for leadership team development. Many organizations are already finding themselves short of well-trained and properly polished professionals.

However, developing soft skills on teams  made sense to me from my research in team development over 23 years ago.  That is one reason it took… Continue reading

Team Tip: Civility And A $300 Billion Price Tag

When organizations lack worforce civility the result is expensive. This was the message veteran consultant, Tony Lacertosa Founder of Peerless Leadership Development, shared in the attached podcast interview.

How expensive? $300 billion expensive and that figure is not on the decline.

Podcast: Interview-Tony- Lacertosa


Reliable surveys have indicated that 96% of the people in the US have experienced incivility in the workplace, and more… Continue reading

Education Experts Call for Renewed Focus on Leadership and Skills Training to Prepare Youth for Employment in an Increasingly Competitive Workforce

At TIGERS we are very pleased that your membership program is rapidly expanding into Europe. For that reason, we were pleased to learn of the UK’s focus in preparing their youth for the competitve global marketplace.

Rapid population growth in cities across the world is putting a strain on urban education infrastructure. While technological advancements and increased interconnectivity are breaking down geographic and economic… Continue reading

Meeting Management Tips: Yes – And …

Has anyone ever said on your team, “I hate meetings?” Do you hate meetings? How many of you were elevated to management positions without knowing how to run meetings and co-workers are saying these things about your meetings?

We certainly hope not.

That is why we thought this podcast would be of interest to you.  Actually, I am very excited to introduce Ida… Continue reading

Thriving in the Wake of the Great Recession: Part 3 – What is Possible

This is the 3rd part of a 3 part series blog where I provide insight on how businesses and organizations can move forward quickly after a debilitating recession to regain profitability and retain their top performing employees.

Research collected from the past 3 recessions by the Harvard Business Review showed that only 9% of businesses come out of a recession stronger than ever. This means… Continue reading

Team Tip: Communication is Key to Good Relationships









In order to communicate effectively, it is important to remember that understanding is what communication is about. All too often the one-way communication where someone is told what to do, how to perform, or given an assignment is viewed as a done deal.

Sometimes … but more often … not.

Striving to understand and communicating for understanding… Continue reading

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