Coaching Entrepreneurs

How to Take Your Team Consulting Business to The Next Level

What is best – remote online consulting or onsite consulting? With the advent of coaching on line and on the phone, should consulting take the same route? Absolutely not and here is why.

With the soaring use of independent consultants for business growth, culture refinement and team development, the strategy to work from a home office or work at the client work site is much… Continue reading

5 Pain Points Experienced by Independent Consultants and Trainers

Facilitators, consultants, and business coaches are an entrepreneurial bunch. They are self employed go-getters and internal company trainers that take on the responsibility of rebuilding and strengthening company culture and leadership skills. They often enter a corporate environment where team collaboration, cohesion, and leadership has been replaced by hostility, rumor-mongering, and high turnover. These facilitators are then expected to perform a miracle and bring the… Continue reading

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