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Three Ideas for Reducing Conflict On Not-for-profit Teams

Recently, I received a request from a TIGERS Den Member and Business Owner to discuss volunteer program design because of a conflict problem he is facing as a community volunteer. I am sharing my thoughts in the Den for two reasons:

  • First these ideas apply to both business and nonprofits.
  • Second is that many of our TIGERS Den members are senior leaders who either volunteer… Continue reading

Team Building Consultants Can Boost Employee Productivity

No event could ever be a one-man show. In fact, in order to run a successful event, teamwork is required. But if your organization is struggling to create a cohesive team environment, you can benefit from the expertise of a team building consultant.

Effective teams generate ideas that can facilitate successful and expertly handled team building events. If you are unsure of the benefits… Continue reading

Building Powerful Team Charters

What Differentiates TIGERS from Other Team Development Organizations That Offer Team Charter Development Services?

Most Team Charters lack what we at TIGERS Success Series call, Articles of Interdependence.  This is a team agreement that supports the team leader and stakeholders around the following core issues:

  • Behavior that is named, endorsed and supported by all team members.
  • Behavior that is named, discouraged and supported by… Continue reading

How to Take Your Team Consulting Business to The Next Level

What is best – remote online consulting or onsite consulting? With the advent of coaching on line and on the phone, should consulting take the same route? Absolutely not and here is why.

With the soaring use of independent consultants for business growth, culture refinement and team development, the strategy to work from a home office or work at the client work site is much… Continue reading

Team Building Activities Re-engage a Disengaged Workforce

Business coaches and consultants with team building activities have their work cut out for them in today’s corporate culture. Seventy percent (70%) of American employees aren’t working to their full potential and they’re slowing economic growth.

According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace: 2010-2012 report: out of the 70% disengaged employees – another 18% are actively disengaged. These employees are emotionally disconnected from… Continue reading

More Consulting Clients by Working Smarter – Not Harder

Is your business on a revenue roller coaster? One month you’re up high, booked with good business and leaders you enjoy working with. Then, not long afterwards, your revenues plummet and you are scrambling for clients.

The most common mistake I see when clients come to me for Steady Income Coaching is lack of good networking strategies. There are 3 big reasons you may… Continue reading

Employee Infidelity: Are Your Employees Unfaithful?

Employee  infidelity. It can be the demise of today’s businesses. But just what does it mean when employees are unfaithful to an organization?

It means that a once solid relationship between employee and employer is now broken and the employee has moved on to a competitor willing to “woo” and nurture their expertise and talents. These employees abandon job positions and the companies who… Continue reading

5 Pain Points Experienced by Independent Consultants and Trainers

Facilitators, consultants, and business coaches are an entrepreneurial bunch. They are self employed go-getters and internal company trainers that take on the responsibility of rebuilding and strengthening company culture and leadership skills. They often enter a corporate environment where team collaboration, cohesion, and leadership has been replaced by hostility, rumor-mongering, and high turnover. These facilitators are then expected to perform a miracle and bring the… Continue reading

How to Bring Engagement Back to the Workplace

Summary:  Emotionally engaged employees are most productive and TIGERS can help you get there.

Volatile economy. Mobile communication at unprecedented levels, leading to 24 hour workdays and vacations that are more work than play. Doing more with less, for jobs that are increasingly complex. No wonder the majority of American workers report being “disengaged” from their workplaces – and as a result, less productive(… Continue reading

Leadership Team Development With A Soft Skill Focus

As baby booms soon begin to retire in masse, it makes sense to pump up soft skills training for leadership team development. Many organizations are already finding themselves short of well-trained and properly polished professionals.

However, developing soft skills on teams  made sense to me from my research in team development over 23 years ago.  That is one reason it took… Continue reading

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