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I certify independent and internal team builders in TIGERS proprietary resources. These are team builders who love what they do but who feel stuck. Perhaps they are stuck because they are on a constant hunt for one time clients rather than working with clients on an ongoing basis. Perhaps their employees are tired of all the different programs the internal consultants roll out to engage employees. Perhaps they feel stuck because the tools they use only work at a staff level when they know real change happens at the executive level. Perhaps they feel stuck because they don't have people to bounce ideas off of or to collaborate with. I provide resources that will take employee engagement and team development from the break room to the boardroom converting one time clients into all time clients and provide a nurturing learning community for connection and collaboration.

A Tip For Team Building During The Flu Season

There are many ways to curb flue epidemics in the office. Providing perks for flu shots, big fruit bowls of oranges in the break room, hand sanitizers and taking extra janitorial precautions help.

Probably the most effective method is encouraging employees to stay home when they are sick. If they are working on team projects, phone conferences and other remote employee communication systems serve to… Continue reading

Are Employees Getting What They Need from Their Workplace Benefits?

Seventy-four percent of middle-income employees derive the majority of their financial security from the benefits they receive at the workplace, according to the 2014 Guardian Workplace Benefits StudySM.  Despite the importance of benefits, only one in four employees finds their company’s communications helpful in choosing what’s right for them.

Workplace benefits are essential to most Americans’ financial security and employers have a responsibility to… Continue reading

Ice Breaker: The Mission Game

The Mission Statement Game

Time: 15 minutes to several hours

Purpose: To create focus, passion, and group buy-in

  • Participants: All age groups
  • Materials needed: Pens, paper



Instructions: Each person finishes the sentence, “My vision of a team that works is …”

The entire team now creates one statement or visual that represents the total of these vision statements.

Desired outcome: The team finds… Continue reading

Three Ideas for Reducing Conflict On Not-for-profit Teams

Recently, I received a request from a TIGERS Den Member and Business Owner to discuss volunteer program design because of a conflict problem he is facing as a community volunteer. I am sharing my thoughts in the Den for two reasons:

  • First these ideas apply to both business and nonprofits.
  • Second is that many of our TIGERS Den members are senior leaders who either volunteer… Continue reading

Team-Building Events and Other Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Your employees’ productivity can make or break the success of your organization, so it is important to focus on events and activities to increase productivity in the workplace. While team-building events are an excellent way to increase employee productivity, there are several other strategies that you can use in conjunction with these events.

Because productivity is so important for an organization, it is a commonly-written… Continue reading

Compensation Programs Falling Short at U.S. Employers

Cost saving bonuses and profit sharing are not strategies deployed by most U.S. employers according to a new report released by Towers Watson.

Despite the importance of pay when it comes to attracting and retaining employees, companies are falling short in the delivery of their base pay and annual incentive programs. Further, while the competition for talent is heating up, companies are not differentiating pay… Continue reading

How Culture and Corporate Strategy Collide

Does work culture and corporate strategy align for most organizations? From our limited research the answer is no.  Now a much larger research study conducted by Korn Ferry  has proven our conclusion correct.

In the 6 Principles That Builds High Performance Team’s clinic case study,  we explore an organization with high turnover and whose Board of Directors wants important feedback from… Continue reading

HR’s Role in Corporate Strategy and Team Development

HR’s role in strategic goal achievement is changing rapidly in progressive team-based companies.  In a recent interview with SilkRoad, a leading global provider of cloud-based talent management solutions, we learned about their new study.

Here is a graphic representation of their findings:













The survey  recorded the responses of 300 HR professionals… Continue reading

Team Building Activity: Take as much as you need

This is a good event when team members do not know one another well – such as a new team that is forming.  It can also be used as a training review exercise.


A bag of candy (e.g. M&M’s or Skittles) or roll of toilet paper

No Set Up is requited


Form the group into a circle. Without telling them any of… Continue reading

3 Skills Leaders Need Now To Propel Business Growth And Productivity

Gone are the days of do what I say. Today’s workforce has changed and managers that hold on to autocratic leadership styles will find low tolerance even in the CEO seat. There are three 3 skills leaders need to propel business growth and productivity if they want to see their businesses succeed through another generation.

New research  projects that the U.S. standard of… Continue reading

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