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When you enroll in the Private TIGERS Den™ General Membership (GM) Program, you’ll discover valuable resources for team, leadership and cooperative work development that help you grow your organization in a scalable and measured way. 


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Welcome to the TIGERS Den™ General Membership Portal.

This is your opportunity to get acquainted with us and browse through the many resources we have to offer.  The TIGERS Den™ is your one-stop authority for team and leadership development that is focused on building scalable work environments where trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success thrive. These are work environments that attract and retain the best employees who are highly engaged and enjoy working together.


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We have the busy professional in mind when putting together our suite of products and services.


This membership is ideal for:

  Entrepreneurs building collaborative teams

 Business owners and leaders looking to develop and train staff internally

  Organizations that are not large enough to employ a full time training and organizational   development professional but desire a cost effective way to train and develop employees.

  Employees and supervisors who would benefit from communication, team leadership and group process improvement training

  Employee training that improves communication, problem solving and team decision making

  Leaders with high expectations for training transference

  Team leaders and Business Owners who are seeking to improve their personal leadership skills


Our “Subscriber Only” membership provides exclusive access to informative articles, training and coaching tips, member coupons towards TIGERS® Success Series video training, insightful survey reports, complimentary web-based training, and so much MORE!  By gaining your  access now you will:

   Save time searching for tips and insights because they are consolidated here

   Gain support that fits your time schedule

   Have access to what you want, when you want it


                          Did you know? 

Top performing managers deliver a 49% increase in productivity?

The average hiring mistake can cost you up to 15 times the hire’s base salary?

Facilitative leadership training is NOT a part of most organizational training programs? 



Finding the right manager or senior professional that is a good values match for your organization is a serious challenge.  A poor match and the workforce experiences confusion.  This confusion frequently results in conflict and high employee turnover. It doesn’t have to be that way.

  What if you could develop your employees from within without having to sacrifice time spent away from work?

  What if training improves relationships, group process, and employee accountability?

  What if training actually improves performance?

  What if all your employees receive the same information so that everyone is on the same page with the same information and understandings?


Here at the TIGERS Den™ we give you the insights and tools to build cohesive teams and help you train strong leaders so that you can grow your organization in a scalable and measured way.

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